Customers Testimonials

"We love Lara's Day Care. My daughter has been there for over a year now and she loves it. Larissa the owner is very kind, friendly, responsible and caring. She has the place always clean, safe and with a fun routine planed each day. I know how hard is to choose a place for our precious little ones, however Lara's Day Care is my perfect place. I can go work in peace because i know my daughter is in good hands."

- Lorena A.



"Lara's is our first and only daycare / preschool my son has attended and I'm a very careful momma bear :). We appreciate, respect and love that we have an extended family in Lara, her team and the other families that attend. I immediately felt comfortable choosing Lara when entering the phase of daycare for my only child. I was nervous and picky, but Lara has always been attentive and caring for us. The environment and daily program at Lara's is just the right balance of playful, engaging and restful for babies and toddlers. The communication and daily updates are some of the reasons why I really appreciate Lara's. My son will be going into elementary school this coming fall after growing into full time care at Lara's now for almost 2.5 years. He now feels confident in making friends and so is prepared and excited but sad to leave Lara's. I 100% recommend anyone to join in on the compassion and fun that Lara's provides."

- Stephanie E.


"Larissa is absolutely fantastic. Our daughter has been going there since she was 9 months old, and she LOVES it - she's more excited to go there than to have us pick her up! Larissa loves the children as if they were all her very own. We couldn't be happier with the individual attention she provides each child, while also allowing them to explore the world on their own. They have a lovely backyard where the children spend a lot of time outside and active, and well as great indoor toys. It's incredibly clean as well. Larissa also teaches the babies sign language, which has been immensely helpful for us in communicating with our daughter early on. She also has been wonderful on off hours as well - checking in if our daughter had been sick, strategizing with us on what might be causing her allergies, and generally being available to answer our questions - this is in addition to providing detailed daily updates about her activities, moods, and new words when she is in her care. We couldn't dream of a better provider for our daughter!"

- Seren P.


"My husband and I are absolutely thrilled to have found such a caring individual to care for our son. Larrisa, the owner is warm and affectionate to the children. She truly has a passion for helping our children thrive. She has the day programmed, and each day during pick up we know what he ate, what he played and what he learned that day. She has helped with the potty training and is excellent at giving the daily reports. My son is 2 and knows his entire alphabet in any order, colors and numbers 1-15, in 3 different languages. We speak to him in Spanish at home, but Lara teaches them in Portuguese and English. She treats our son with so much love. Leaving him in the morning is so reassuring, and at pick up, we struggle to take him home because he is having so much fun! 

Honestly, I feel lucky each day that I found Lara. I nearly quit my job after not being able to find a day care where I knew my son would be well taken care of. She from day one, cared for him as her own child and kept us in the loop about everything. I go to work happy and worry free, knowing he's got a second mommy to care for him, and yes, that does make me feel just a tinge of jealousy as a mommy :) My son has been under her care for a year now, and we have not had one issue, not even a tiny accident. She pays so much attention to them and disciplines with love and affection. Go for a visit, see first hand what I am talking about."

- Sheyla F.