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Lara's Day Care and Preschool

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7 Biggest Benefits of choosing a Family Child Care Home!

Hello Everyone!


Welcome to Lara’s Day Care website! Here you’re going to find more details about our program to help you make the right decision and find the perfect match for you and your family!


I’m Larissa, owner and director of Lara’s Day Care, a Family Child Care Home (FCCH) located in Richmond, CA. I want to start telling you a little bit about myself. I started teaching kids back in 2008 at church and I just felt in love with them right away. Since the first time I volunteered to work with kids I’ve been passionate about them. Since then, I’ve always been actively involved in projects at my local church’s Children’s Ministry, teaching, caring and promoting spiritual and intellectual growth on kids of all ages.


Prior to opening my Family Child Care Home, I also worked 4 years as a nanny of a wonderful 3 children family. In 2017 I gave birth to my daughter and after struggling to decide when was the best time to go back to work, I realized that I wanted to able to be actively involved in every aspect of her early development. I believe that every child should have the same opportunities and should be able to grow in a safe and caring environment, so I decide that I wanted to help other parents who also wanted to be part of their child’s development but needed to go back to work. That’s why I engaged myself in learning everything I could about Child Care and opened my own business. And so, Lara’s Day Care was born.


The next thing I want to share with you is the 7 biggest benefits for you and your family when you choose a Family Child Care Home.


Number 1: Family Child Care Home are smaller facilities than Centers with a home-like environment. Here your child will never be considered “one more student”. Here, all children are part of the family.  We eat together, we play together, and we learn together.


Number 2: FCCH have fewer children than Centers, typically 3 to 12 children. This allows us to have secure and trusting relationships and a closer teacher to child bond. It also makes each child have more dedicated attention.


Number 3: FCCH work with mixed age groups. Children of different ages are in the same environment, allowing sibling interaction and helping everyone to learn more. Younger children learn watching the older children, and the older children learn helping the younger ones.


Number 4: There are usually fewer cases of illnesses since the child is exposed to fewer children and we have a strong Sick Policy.


Number 5: Most FCCH also have a structured schedule and preschool enriched curriculum. Please understand that we need to have a structured plan for the day to keep everyone happy. And we are constantly updating our education and taking courses regarding all the best practices in Child Development.


Number 6: Tuition rates are usually lower, and FCC Providers are usually more flexible trying to accommodate your needs (i.e. a more flexible vacation policy, more likely to allow for a flexible schedule, etc.)


Number 7: And the last one but the one I consider the most important, FCC caregivers often become part of the family. We are probably going to expect you invite us to birthday parties, graduation and weddings! =)


In a FCCH you child will have the best of both worlds. They will learn and achieve every new step of their intellectual, emotional and social development, and yet they’ll feel like they are home!


Well, I hope this post helped you to understand a little better what a FCCH looks like and please contact me if you have any questions or comments on this post!


Thank you and God bless!


All the best =)

Larissa Garrido