Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I’m Larissa!

I am incredibly happy to know that you’re interested in our program.

I’ve prepared a few FAQs for you. Please make sure to read throught everything before coming to our Interview/Online Tour, as most of your possible questions for the tour can usually be answered here.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me!


Question: What will my child do all day long? Do you have a schedule?

Answer: Yes! We follow a schedule and we always have a busy day filled with different activities. Our days usually start with physical activities followed by circle time, dramatic play, lots of learning with the preschool curriculum, some coloring activity or arts and crafts, and outside playtime. After lunch, we always have a reading time to prepare for nap. Afternoons are usually filled with Snacks and we love to play outside to finish our day. Besides that, I’ll assist and encourage each child’s abilities and skills throughout every stage of their development. Your child will have a safe, fun, clean, and healthy place in which to grow and learn.

Q: It’s the first time my child will be away from me. What can I do to help him/her in this transition?

A: I totally understand how scary it can be to take your child to Child Care for the first time, but in my experience I see that the more they are exposed to the routine and the group, the more they will benefit from it. At drop off time, try to be quick and do not linger. Make sure that you say goodbye to your child and let them know when you will be returning. This may produce tears, rest assured, by the time you are out of the driveway, the tears have stopped. This also helps to make the child feel secure in that while you may leave them when you have to, you are always coming back. In addition, I like to work on a slow introduction at Childcare and gradually increase the hours during the first weeks.

Q: What do I need to bring to bring to Day Care?

A: The only thing you need to bring is your child and their personal items, including extra sets of clothes, diapers and wipes. Everything else your child needs during the day will be provided by Childcare.

Q: Is food included in tuition price? What kind of foods do you serve?

A: YES! For your convenience, we serve nutritional, delicious and homemade meals daily (breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks) and you don’t need to pay a separate fee or send any food from home (besides baby’s breastmilk and/or formula). We serve only USDA food program approved foods, which means healthy REAL FOOD only and no processed foods at all (no frozen meals, sausages, nuggets, etc.). Vegan and vegetarian options are available upon request. A sample of our menu is available at our website.

Q: What is your Sick Policy?

A: In order to not compromise the health of other kids in care and our staff, sick children will not be accepted in Childcare. Most children with mild illnesses can safely attend Childcare, however, a child may be too sick to attend and should stay home if some symptoms are present. Children will be able to join the Childcare if they are 48 hours without fever and without taking any fever reducer. We have a complete list of all the guidelines for deciding if your child is too sick to come to Childcare in our "Parent handbook - Program Policies and Procedures".

Q: Do your work by yourself? What is your child:teacher ratio?

A: It depends! Over the time, the group changes and therefore the need for more or less staff changes too. Our ratio varies too, but it's never more than 6:1. Regularly, I work full time with my husband (Tio Rafa) and have an additional part time assitant (Jayne or Catarina).

Q: How big is your group and what are the ages?

A: Again, it depends! We are licensed for 12 children, but we usually work with a group of around 10 children. Our currently group has children from 18 months to 3 years old.

Q: What do the nap arrangements look like? Do I need to provide anything?

A: Everything your child needs for nap time is provided by Childcare. We provide napping arrangements according to each child’s age. Children under 24 months will sleep in a pack-and-play with only a fitted sheet on it. Children 2 years and older will sleep in a nap cot with a sheet/pillow/blanket on it. No child is to be dropped off or picked up during this time as it has proven to be very disruptive to the child and to the rest of the group.

Q: Can I bring my child later or pick them up earlier?

A: Yes! Children can be dropped of and picked up any time during your contracted hours. However, we do have a few guidelines that we ask the parents to follow in order to contribute to a less stressful change on the routine for the child and for the whole group. If you are planning on a later drop off or earlier pick up, we ask that you communicate the staff in advance so we can plan together for a better time to pick up or drop off your child. We also ask the parents to NOT Pick Up or Drop Off during Meal Times and Nap time.

Q: How does payment work?

A: All payments are due in advance. Payment is due in full on the 25th of each month regarding the following month. You’ll receive an online invoice for that and a proper form at the end of every year for taxes deduction. We are currently only accepting online bank transfer or personal check as payment methods.

Q: Do I still have to pay the full amount of my contract if my child does not attend one or more days of daycare?

A: Yes. Payments remain the same due amount every month until the contract is cancelled, even if child doesn’t attend for any reason (sick days, travel, doctor's appointment, etc), or when I’m out for my paid vacation (like any other professional). We are a business like any other. If you choose not to attend for any reason, you cannot skip payment. Think of us as you do your mortgage holder or landlord, gym membership or classes you take.